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Things to bring to Camp

Sleeping Bag, bedding for possible cool weather at night
1 bath towel, 1 beach towel
1 jacket
3 pairs medium length shorts
1 or 2 pairs of long pants
1 sweater
1 sweatshirt
6 shirts
1 nice outfit for Mass (no sleeveless, flip-flops, jeans, or shorts)
1 skirt or dress for elegant dinner
1 pair of dress shoes
1-piece bathing suit
Underwear and socks for one week
Shoes for sports and hiking
Flip-flops (for the shower)
1 large laundry bag
Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, soap, etc.
Insect repellent
Sunscreen and lipbalm
Visor (optional)
Notebook and pencil
Stationary and stamps
Flashlight and batteries
Water bottle
Camera (optional)
Outfit for Decades Party (grade levels 5th – 50’s, 6th – 60’s, etc.)
Decorations for cabin theme:  TBA

What NOT to Bring

There is no point in bringing electronic games and devices since the girls will be busy all the time and are expected to interact on a personal level with the other campers.  These items can also be easily lost or damaged. Any cell phones or other electronic devices brought to camp will be checked in with the staff and returned at the end of camp. 

Cedar Lakes Camp Office phone is (909) 866-5714.

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